Wonderful Objects mystery box reveal: What if you could fly?

Fly Away With Wonderful Objects: Review and Reveal

We dreamed, we soared and we flew.

Wonderful Objects is storytelling through physical objects. Interesting items for your space, wearable delights (from baubles to bags to scents), limited edition art, and more: Each box contains several hand-picked objects plus custom-designed story-making ephemera (letters, mysterious keepsakes, maps, and more) to transport you into a world of wonder.

Recently we escorted our Wonderful Objects subscribers on a whimsical and, we think, wonderful adventure with the delivery of our latest curated experience. If you aren’t yet hip to our Wonderful Objects project, it is our quarterly mystery box delivery service designed to ignite your imagination.


Wonderful Objects review and mystery box reveal: What if you could fly?

The theme of our last box was “What if you could fly?” which was filled with reminders to soar. The limited edition box sold out quickly and not everyone had the opportunity to join us for the journey. To satisfy those FOMO urges, we present to you a virtual tour of the Wonderful Objects that were included in our last mailing.

Wonderful Objects teaser: Wonderful Objects review and mystery box reveal of What if you could fly?

Pre-flight, before the box arrived, our adventurers received a surprise teaser mini-box that included their receipt for the Icarian Flight School as well as a flyer, flight goggles and an invitation to soar with us. Subscribers were offered their choice of flying lessons from riding a fantastic beast to learning air swimming to piloting a zeppelin. Which would you choose? And with one tab already missing, what do you think was already chosen?


 Wonderful Objects reveal of What If You Could Fly mystery box:

Wonderful Objects review and mystery box reveal of What if you could fly?

1. Wings Scarf
The handcrafted royal blue and white Wings Scarf had its own journey all the way from London, England. The ethereal and light as a feather scarf can be worn as a shawl, a scarf or even as a wrap for the beach. Wearing it is a reminder to embrace those flights of fancy throughout the day.

2. Amelia Earhart’s Hand Print
On June 28, 1933, Amelia Earhart’s palm print and an “analysis of her character” was prepared by Nellie Simmons Meier, palmist and author of Lions’ Paws: The Story of Famous Hands. Earhart’s palm, according to Meier, reveals that the “length of her first phelange of her thumbs shows a determined will” and that “in the unusual length of her fourth finger is shown a diplomacy which could easily become intrigue were it not held in check by first phelange of conscience.” Custom-printed on vellum.

3. R.J. Spalding Flying Machine Patent Prints
R.J. Spalding (Reuben Jasper Spalding) of Rosita, Colorado dreamed of  “navigating the air” and applied for several patents for a flying machines of his design in 1889. His unique birdlike invention predated the Wright Brothers inaugural flight by 14 year. It’s said that when Spalding created a real-life version of his flying machine the wings were made of red silk and chicken feathers with the thinking that, “the nearer he could get his machine to be like a bird, the better it would be.”

He never did take flight but he did leave some pretty handsome patents. Enclosed in an package marked “Confidential Property of Icarian Flight School,” our custom-printed heavyweight cold-press archival prints are perfect for framing, a nudge to dream big.

Wonderful Objects review and mystery box reveal of What if you could fly?

4. Flight Balm
The elements can take a toll on the body, especially when in flight. We provided our explorers a tin of handmade organic Flight Balm from Blind Drive Farm made of beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, peppermint essential oil and vitamin E. All good stuff.

5. No. 5 Wing Scented Candle by Feather and Wax
Candle maker Feather and Wax – in Chicago, Illinois – creates whimsical hand-poured candles in stylishly simple packaging. No. 5 Wing is an all-natural soy wax candle with a cotton wick and original fragrance. The unmistakable scent of fresh gardenia in the Wing candle is accented by the light notes of green tea and vanilla musk.

Wonderful Objects review and mystery box reveal of What if you could fly?

6. Maverick Chocolate Bar
The Maverick Chocolate Co. whips up hand-crafted, small-batch chocolate bars (from bean to bar) in their shop at the historic Findley Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. We included the beautifully labeled (and utterly delicious) Morropon Dark Chocolate Bar that has a “sweet nutty aroma with ripe red berry flavors.” Follow the included tasting guide and it’s a flavor sensation that will make your tastebuds soar.

7. Wing Dish
Rings, trinkets, keepsakes or an enchanted pebble found on a recent stroll will all be safely cradled in our petite gold or antique white wing dish. A handy holder for your bedside, dresser or desk.

“What could have been ordinary objects became so much more.
I put my wing tray next to my bed to put my earrings in at night
and now think ‘What if I could fly?’ before I go to sleep.
All of it really is magical.”
– Sophie

•  •  •

What do we have planned for our NEXT mysterious deliver? We can’t tell. But rest assured, the adventure will be unforgettable. Our LIMITED EDITIONS sell out quickly so subscribe to Wonderful Objects today. We look forward to having you join the adventure.

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Photo credit: Tiffany Dahle
Wonderful Objects Mystery Box + Magical Teasers
Wonderful Objects Mystery Box + Magical Teasers


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