Get Wonderful Objects for Kids: a Make-Your-Own-Story adventure mystery box from Cricket Media and Wonder and Company

Get Wonderful Objects for Kids – Unbox a Story with Cricket Media

“What if a world of story arrived in the mail? What if your child could make that world their own?” So begins Wonder and Company’s latest adventure with Wonderful Objects, our groundbreaking subscription mystery box designed to ignite the imagination. Introducing… Wonderful Objects for Kids!

Wonder and Company is proud to partner with Cricket Media to launch Wonderful Objects for Kids!

Get Wonderful Objects for Kids: a Make-Your-Own-Story adventure mystery box from Cricket Media and Wonder and Company

Within hours of launching Wonderful Objects for whimsical adults, we began to recieve requests for a version for kids. We created Wonderful Objects because we wanted a way for adults to rediscover the power and joy of letting your imagination run wild. Huge fans of subscription mystery boxes ourselves, we felt a quarterly adventure through a mysterious story would be the ideal way to reintroduce whimsy into the lives of our readers in a physical way. Wonderful Objects is storytelling with physical objects. That’s why we say “Unbox a Story.”

Frankly, we underestimated how much kids need that boost of whimsy, too.

Get Wonderful Objects for Kids: a Make-Your-Own-Story adventure mystery box from Cricket Media and Wonder and CompanyIt was incredibly important to us that Wonderful Objects for Kids isn’t just another box of stuff to get lost in your kid’s bedroom. That’s one of the reasons the full box only ships once every three months, with mysterious deliveries in between.

It’s not about more: it’s about better. We wanted it to be less about the (very) cool objects we send the kids and more about where those objects take your kids. Their ideas and stories will always be more magical than anything we could ever imagine for them.

Cricket Media is the perfect partner for Wonderful Objects for Kids. Established in 1973, Cricket Media is an award-winning children’s publishing company that won us over with their confidence in children to recognize high quality art and storytelling. We are partnering with Cricket to take a compelling and fascinating narrative to a whole new level with story, online collaboration and physical objects.


Wonderful Objects for Kids includes 3 elements:

  1. Mystery Box: Wonderful Objects Kids’ subscription mystery box delivered quarterly, full of interactive story elements and fun objects to collect and use at home, at school, and beyond
  2. Cricket Media magazines: Clues and stories in Cricket Media magazines, including SPIDER (ages 6-9), CRICKET (ages 9-14), and CICADA (ages 14+)
  3. Chatterbox forums: Your children can join other kids at Cricket-hosted and moderated forums to discuss what they think is happening in the story, how your kids are using their Wonderful Objects to ignite their imaginations and develop the story in their own magical ways, and discover new clues every week worthy of analyzing with other kids their age.

Wonderful Objects for Kids is a gift you can be proud to give to the creative kids in your life. We are terribly proud of it, are blown away by the response we’ve seen so far (the kids in the Chatterbox forums are brilliant!), and can’t wait to see where it takes us all.

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Wonderful Objects Mystery Box + Magical Teasers
Wonderful Objects Mystery Box + Magical Teasers


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