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10 Whimsical Wallpapers That Will Add Magic to Your Home

Confession: I have fallen, deeply fallen into the wallpaper rabbit hole. Not that I’m looking for wallpaper with bunnies on it (although I’m not adverse to that), but the wide array of whimsical and wonderful wallpapers isn’t just stunning but terribly daunting.

We’ve all seen the totally on trend wallpapers of late, which are way, like WAY, different than the wallpapers of our parents or grandparents generation. Forgot about the faux brick, illustrations of ripe fruit or overbearing strips of  yore, we’ve entered a new artsy era of options for your home’s walls. In my wallpaper explorations, I discovered many that might not work for my home, but that caught my eye for their unique style and whimsy. Now’s the big question, which of these would you like to live with most?

Amazing Magnetic WallpaperMagnetic Woodlands Wallpaper by Sian Zeng

“The magnetic Woodlands wallpaper offers a wonderfully whimsical adventure into an enchanted forest of surreal and extraordinary fairy tale creatures.” Uhhh, yes please! Available here.


Circus by Emily Isabella for Hygge & West

The circus has come to town, the circus has come to town … and apparently they’re planning on staying (on your walls that is).


A gorgegous framed wallpaper

Picture Gallery by Sanderson

“Voyage of Discovery’ pays homage to our pioneering ancestors, from the natural historians of the 17th century who beautifully illustrated their scientific discoveries, to the leisure traveler of the later Victorian era who collected memories of their journeys with which to decorate their homes. These images still excite us today and evoke a sense of adventure and freedom.” It’s a stunning collection, which gives you that, “yeah, I’m worldly” vibe.

Amazing Treausre Map Wallpaper

Treasure Map by Sanderson

“The more you look, the more you see! Follow the compass and set sail on a pirate adventure to discover hidden treasures. Children and grown-ups alike will never get bored of this world-map with its whimsically drawn details of the native flora and fauna of the different continents.” This is not merely a treasure map, it’s total treasure itself.

The Dresser Wallpaper

The Dresser by Emma Bridgewater

The Dresser is inspired by the designer’s own kitchen and you can have it in your own home, without the constant dusting or risk of breakage. “My dresser is one of my favorite things I’m probably more aware of what’s on there than I am of what’s in my wardrobe,” Bridgewater said of her wallpaper. “It’s filled with my own pottery and pieces once owned by my mum or my grandmother, combined with family treasures like a silver pig and a Staffordshire greyhound. I love rearranging the things on it, its an endlessly changing still life, and it gives me pleasure every time I look at it. The Dresser design captures what it means to me.”


Ere-be-dragons by Paperboy Wallpaper

A fairy tale land of dragons, castles and knights in armor comes to life in the simple yet enchanting wallpaper for kids (or kids at heart).


Beautiful Book Wallpaper - 10 Wonderful and Whimsical wallpapers for your home. Library by Andrew Martin

Want to look well read but without all those pesky, dusty books taking over your walls? With Andrew Martin’s Library pattern, you could do just that.


Cities Toile by Rifle Paper for Hygge & West

For an international yet modern look for your walls, invest in the Cities Toile with illustrated representations of major cities such as Paris, Rio and London.

Gorgeous Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

Macchine Volanti by Cole & Son

Take flight with this vintage hued wallpaper all about balloon travel. This would be perfect for your daydreaming room (you have one of those, right?).


Dotty Dinosaur by Kerry Caffyn

Dinos are alive and well with the help of Kerry Caffyn’s ode to the creatures in wallpaper form.

Wallpapers: 10 wild, whimsical, and wonderful ways to bring magic to your wall!

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