See Photos of Shanghai Disneyland! And yes, it looks incredible!

These 29 Photos of Shanghai Disneyland Will Make You Want to Go Like NOW

From my hometown of San Francisco, California, it would cost me $1250.56 to fly to Shanghai to get there in time for the opening of the first Disney Park to open in China, Shanghai Disneyland. The flight would take about (and flights are ALWAYS an approximation) 17 hours and 20 minutes with a stop-over at LAX.

In addition, I’d need to book a room (with prices stating at  ¥ 1,650 00 for the Disneyland Hotel to ¥ 850 for the Toy Story Hotel). At the time of this daydreaming session, one Chinese Yuan is equal to .15 US Dollar. So that means, a hotel room (at the least expensive rate ) would run me $252.06 to $129.85 per night, a steal when you compare it to the rates at Disneyland’s resorts. Then throw in the ticket price, which is ¥499 for the prime season which is about $76.

The math:
+ $252.06 x 2
+ $76 x 2
$1904. 68

Of course, there is food, drinks and the investment in Shanghai Mickey Ears, Shanghai exclusive pins and Duffy gear (looks like there’s going to be plenty of that), and the grand total is north of two grand.

But for the adventure that going to Shanghai Disneyland would be, it seems worth every single penny. Why? That’s a good question, which we’ll try to answer via Instagram photos that have been taken during their soft opening, during the month before the BIG day. See if you can look at these photos without heading to your favorite travel site for a flight.


A photo posted by Zhang Zhi (@the_paper_king) on

The Castle is Epic
This particular castle is larger than any other Disney Parks castle, which is very evident in these images. EPIC!


A photo posted by 玥 (@karity_waitin) on

Stunning on the Inside
It’s beautiful isn’t it?


A photo posted by Leia Mi (@leia_mi) on

The Beautiful Details
This jade carving in the castle honors Chinese heritage while mixing it with Disney magic.


A photo posted by Ryan Austin (@ryanisfine) on

Old School Disney
This Steamboat Willie fountain is incredibly rad.


A photo posted by @byjiayin on

Get Some Exercise
Head to the Challenge Trails for a workout.


A photo posted by @byjiayin on

The Dwarfs Are Here Too
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train isn’t only in Florida!


A photo posted by @byjiayin on

Go Soaring in Tomorrowland
One of the rides in their Tomorrowland.


A photo posted by @chinafengshu on

A Seafaring Beauty
We’d totally love to go sailing on this one.


A photo posted by @chinafengshu on

About to Soar!
The Soarin’ ride in Shanghai has a gorgeous entryway.


A photo posted by Ryan Austin (@ryanisfine) on

The Treasure Cove
“Treasure Cove is an awesome land.” Nuf said.


A photo posted by Tinne Loh (@tinne_loh) on

A Peek at the Pirate Village
Yes please.


A photo posted by Ryan Austin (@ryanisfine) on

Jack Sparrow is Wanted in Shanghai Too
A peek of the ride Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for the Sunken Treasure.


A photo posted by @chinafengshu on

Star Wars Is Here Too!
Apparently Darth Vader lives in China.


A photo posted by ć.l (@yvonne.ch_) on

Stay in the Toy Story Hotel
A dreamy place to spend the night.


A photo posted by ć.l (@yvonne.ch_) on

The Toy Story Room Details
The Toy Story hotel room is pretty sweet!


A photo posted by Daniel Hepperle (@paperscout) on

Their Disneyland Hotel
The swank Disneyland is the other hotel option in Shanghai.


A Walt Disney Tribute
Just like the one in California Adventure.


A photo posted by Ryan Austin (@ryanisfine) on

Look Familiar?
Their Pirates of the Caribbean apparently has more skeletons.


In Shanghai, Oswald Will Be a Star
We want all the things.


A photo posted by @hiyahhmichelle on

This is One of the Most Anticipated Rides
The Tron Ride!


A photo posted by @hiyahhmichelle on

Love the lights.


A video posted by Fifty-stars (@fifty_stars) on

This is How You Do It
A very unique way of riding.


A photo posted by Tinne Loh (@tinne_loh) on

Get Lost in Wonderland
The Queen of Hearts garden maze is a wonderful place to stroll.


A photo posted by SiluanmaS (@lu_since_april) on

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party


A photo posted by Gwen (@mydisneylife88) on

See Rapunzel and Flynn
There’s a Tangled Ride!


A photo posted by Zaria (@zariakong) on

Perhaps You’d Like Some Fine Dining?
Head to the beautiful Royal Banquet Hall.


Marvel is there, too!
Check out this Hulk Buster in their Marvel area.


A photo posted by @moongllu_ on

For Club 33 members
Looks like there’s a Club 33 there, too.


A photo posted by @conanwang on

They Even Have a Carthay Circle
Similar to the one in California Adventure.



Yeah, see you there!

Photo credits at top: lillianji/Instagram, winniethehuu/Instagram, lifeunsensored/Instagram

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