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I love and I mean LOVE the Maker movement. From the annual Maker Faires, to the clever projects in Make Magazine to just tinkering with no real goal in mind. I love it all. And while I thoroughly enjoy it as an adult, kids (like my own 9-year-old) like it even more.

For kids, summertime is the ideal time to engage in tinkering, inventing, and making. There’s no school, no homework, and oodles of unstructured free time. And what should your little makers be doing during this “free time”? Go to virtual Maker Camp!

Sign up for Maker Camp!Maker Camp, an online summer camp created for kids ages 8 to 12, also happens to be free. Yes, FREE!

Your kids can join young inventors and an array of artists from all around the world, making super cool projects, going on virtual “field trips” and meeting some of the world’s “coolest makers.” Past field trips have included virtual visits to NASA, Disney, LEGO, the White House, Blue Man Group, and Pixar.

Each week the Maker Camp has a unique theme to inspire your maker included “Fantasy,” “Funkytown,” “Flight” and “Far Out Future.” Kids will be able to explore a new project every day of the week. There are videos that give them an overview about the project and provide links for further support so that they you can work on them at home. Example: in the first week “Fantasy,” a Pixar artist gives a awesome chat about the importance of keeping a creative sketchbook.

If your child wants to work on the projects with other kids in the community, you can find a local group from their extensive list of camp affilates including many libraries, schools and Boy & Girls Clubs (the entire list is on their map).

The camp runs until August 14, so sign your kids up to start making things now!

Photo Source: Maker Media

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