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PSA – Star Wars: The Last Jedi Viewers, Don’t Do THIS

Midway through writing a reaction piece to the oh-so-anticipated new installment of the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi, I stopped. I didn’t hit delete, I merely closed the draft and started a new one (with the hope of revisiting the topic at a later date when the dust has settled). Even though the work-in-progress piece was spoiler free, there are so many roads in the narrative that lead to a “ooohhhh” moment that it seemed like a empty words, hiding the truths that were revealed in the two and half hour long saga. Instead I thought I’d release a public service announcement:



And I’m not alone in this belief:


See, even Luke Skywalker declares that you shouldn’t give spoilers. LUKE SKYWALKER!

The beauty of watching the film is allowing the plot points, surprises, twists, and turns play out in front of your eyes. The Last Jedi is to be experienced not to be read about in a blog post. So you should avoid those reviews that advertiser ***spoiler alert*** or are a wee bit too long in length (where plot points may very well be hinted upon).

It’s a blessing and a curse for those who see the film early. We want, nay, need to talk about it. But it’s tough when odds are a “can you believe they all die in the end” phrase has the possibility of slipping out (but that was Rogue One, thankfully not The Last Jedi).

But we will leave you with a couple of thoughts:

Kelly Marie Tran is a great cast addition (and do yourself a favor and follow her Instagram account, she’s so adorably nerdy/cool).

Porgs are actually pretty damn cute.

The art direction and cinematography are top notch.

And last but not least, you’ll need to see the film more than once. There’s a lot of there there.

So before you see the film, don’t click on long Last Jedi reviews, don’t ask your friends “what happens,” and cover your ears if you hear people talking about it in public.


Easy peasy. You’ll thank us.

Photo credit: Walt Disney Studios

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