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5 Things You Really Need to Know About Pokémon Go!

Since my 10-year-old daughter and I downloaded Pokémon Go two days ago, we’ve walked five miles, registered 16 Pokémon in our Pokédex, amassed nine eggs, visited 61 PokéStops and engaged in one epic gym battle. We’ve also cursed the Pokémon Go app when their servers got overwhelmed and have tired of seeing Zubats everywhere we turn. Since I was so busy wandering all over our hood looking for signs of PokéLife I neglected my RealLife (work) and asked her to write about Pokémon Go and to tell everyone (you) what you need to know about this addictive new craze.

Ever since I was about 7-years-old,  the world of creatures you can store in just a small Pokéball never got old to me.  This hugely popular franchise has been growing, and growing from 1996 to now. Back in ’96, there were about 152 Pokémon but now there are 721! The Pokémon company is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, so they’ve created a new iPhone app called Pokémon Go! This amazing app allows you to walk around, the phone tracing your steps, while you search for buildings, statues, murals and any other things around to find treasures like Pokéballs and the occasional Pokémon egg. You can find Pokémon lurking around everywhere, when you click them, it shows the Pokémon in 3D dancing around in the space your camera is pointed at. This game is truly wonderful! Here are five facts about this app and things you really need to know.

Pokemon Go Krabby

1. Be patient. Pokémon don’t grow on trees, you will have to wait for them to show up to catch them. You’ve got to keep a keen eye out for Pokémon. They will pop up everywhere and you don’t want to miss a chance to get a Gangar or a Squirtle! We saw them in the middle of the street and even in our kitchen! You’ll have to work your way up to level 5 in order (by capturing Pokémon, getting Pokéballs and visiting Pokéstops) to do a gym battle (which seems to happen at building that ACTUALLY HAVE GYMS IRL). There you’ll combat a Pokémon by throwing stuff at them.

2. Keep trying. Since this app is new and popular, the sever might crash or like us, we had to try dozens of times for it to load, but don’t quit, just keep on trying until you get it. It’s frustrating but you’ll get in…eventually.

3. You’ll see the same Pokémon over and over. Most of the time, if you stay in the same general area, you will see a lot of the same Pokémon (Zubat and Pidgey). My advice is to not try to catch a Pokémon you already have, because it will fill up your inventory with ones you don’t need.  (UPDATE: Turns out you should grab as many as you can, you can trade those in later.) It’s really exciting when you’re walking around and you run into a more rare Pokémon!

4. This game is a good workout! The best thing to do it to get comfortable walking shoes, a backpack with snacks and water and a good sense of adventure. Go walk around for about an hour, then go somewhere where you can take a break (your home, a park, etc.), basically a place where you can relax for about 10 minutes. Then, continue on your Pokémon adventure! Warning: It will be hard to stop exploring looking for more!

5. You’ll discover new places you never knew existed! We found statues, public art and little garden within a mile of our house that we never knew were there! Sometimes they’ll have the artist’s name or the year the art was made, which is really cool. We found this one mural (above) about science nearby that was totally amazing.

This game is totally worth it. I’d recommend it to anyone even the non Pokémon fans out there! Hope you have fun!


5 Things You Really Need to Know about Pokemon Go




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