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Yes, Now Your House Can Smell Like Disneyland

A visit to Disneyland will have an incredible impact on your senses.

You see all the wonders.

You taste all the delicious treats.

You hear music both new and old.

You touch all the rides.

The most subtle of the sense experiences, but just as important, are the smells. All those wonderful Disneyland scents that linger on Main Street to those infused on Soarin’ Over California.

While you can’t put a Pirates of the Caribbean in basement, you can bring a bit of Disneyland home – in aroma form – with a set of these oh-so-clever Disneyland inspired candles.

The trio of handmade candles by Anthology Candles of Charleston, South Carolina include:

Dole Whip with scents of fresh pineapple, coconut and citrus; Soarin’ with smells of redwood trees, cedar trees, orange zest and ocean spray; Churros with aromas of spicy cinnamon and warm vanilla sugar.

Disney Inspired Candles

The love the Anthology Candles has for Disney doesn’t end with these three scents. They also offer up a Haunted Mansion candle that capture the smell of “musty carpets and dusty furnishings,” Belle’s Library that is a mixture of “aged library books, hint of leather, wild roses,” and A Spoonful of Sugar that smells of vanilla sugar.

Each candle individually cost $16 (but there is a discount if you buy more than one). Did I mention your house can smell like a Dole Whip? Yeah, that.

Photos: Anthology Candles
Update: The Anthology Candles site not loading? It may be a bit bogged down (thanks to your Disney love!) so just go straight to https://www.etsy.com/shop/anthologycandles if the above link won’t load. Tell ’em we sent you and have fun!

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