THIS is the Coolest Wedding EVER!

I don’t personally know Jeff and Lisa Alulis, but I cried when they got married. Not sad tears, oh no. These were tears of pure joy and relishing in their amazing wedding ceremony and vows. The two were married in late August at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA.. There were fancy dressed, pomp (and also circumstance) and, last but not least, special guests.

Now, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you’ve got to watch the video until about the three minute mark.


You watched it? Yes? Good. OMG. Isn’t the pretty much the BEST wedding ceremony like EVER.

Jeff (a writer, filmmaker, and musician who has fronted the Dead Kennedys and also penned the New York Times bestselling autobiography NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories) wrote about their epic surprise:The only people who knew about our “special guests” ahead of time were us and our fake officiant, Ryan. All of our families and friends (and even our wedding vendors) were kept completely in the dark. Their surprise and reactions are genuine.” Oh, to be a guest at their wedding, amiright?

He continued saying, “Our special guests were NOT endorsed by Disney or Henson. :) They are professional puppeteers and puppet makers who did us a VERY special favor with their impressive impersonations.” Hmm, are they the actual Steve Whitmire (who does Kermit) and David Rudman (who does Cookie Monster) or puppeteers who do an “impressive impersonation?” But does it really matter? The whole performance is magical. I guess we do have one other question, do they do bat mitzvahs?

Some other coolness factors in their wedding, the intro music from Edward Scissorhands was played during the processional, they had a version of “Nothing With You” by Descendents thrown in there, and the blushing bride’s wedding gown was made by Wedding Dress Fantasy.


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