Unbox a Story with a quarterly subscription mystery box designed for whimsical adults. Introducing Wonderful Objects from Wonder and Company.

Introducing Wonderful Objects: Unbox a Story

One of our favorite movies here at Wonder and Company is Stardust, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. While telling how he came up with the idea for the story, he said that after watching a falling star in a particularly clear sky, he thought:

“‘What if you went to get that falling star?’ And then I thought, ‘And what if it wasn’t a star, it was a girl.
And what if she had a broken leg and a foul-temper and had no desire to be dragged halfway across the world and presented to anybody’s would-be fiancée?’ Suddenly, there was the story.”

Ah, the power of asking “What if?” There’s the magic.

Wonder and Company began because we asked “What if?” In fact, the more we think about it, the more we realize that so very many fantastic and wonderful things in our world indeed begin with that very question.

Let’s embrace it. Let’s seek ways to ask it. The more we ask “What if?” the more magic our lives take on.

“What if?” can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. We think we should all ask it a bit more often, don’t you? And so, without further ado…

Wonder and Company presents Wonderful Objects.

Unbox a Story: Wonderful Objects quarterly subscription mystery box for whimsical adults from Wonder and Company

A quarterly subscription mystery box that invites you to answer the question “What if?” Designed for the whimsical adult, this is storytelling with physical objects.

Each quarter, you will receive a mystery box delivered to your door. Make a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine, settle in and give yourself five or ten minutes to explore a daydream.

Unbox a Story

When you open the box, you’ll find a wax-sealed envelope atop tissue-wrapped objects. Break the wax seal and you’ll find a card asking the question “What if?” As you remove the card, that quarter’s theme will be revealed:

What if you ran away with the circus?
What if you stumbled across a fairytale forest?
What if you discovered a wormhole to a fantastic galaxy of marvels?

These are the wonderful objects you would bring home when you returned.

Think of it as Wonder and Company come to life. Think of it as a Pinterest board delivered to your door. Think of it as an adventure through imagination and, at the end, you get to keep a box full of brilliant goodies and treasures, souvenirs from your imagined travels through fantasy.

Each Wonderful Objects mystery box also contains a custom illustration suited to the theme and a list of where you can find more of your objects online, as well as a landing page here at Wonder and Company built just for that quarter’s box with links for more to explore.

What can you expect?

Mystery is a key element to the mystery boxes. Wondering what you’ll receive in each shipment and the anticipation of the theme is a huge part of the process of imagination. That said, we promise to deliver high quality, creative objects. You can expect 3-5 objects per box from an ever-changing variety of categories including objects for your home and creative space, brilliantly inspiring stationery, paper goods and writing implements, and whimsical odds and ends designed to spark your imagination.

The magic happens when you pretend that the adventure is real. When you answer the question “What if?” Once a quarter, come play with us and our Wonderful Objects. Let’s agree that escaping the ordinary can be exhilarating and discover how far the imagination can take us.

Are you ready? Here we go!

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Wonderful Objects Mystery Box + Magical Teasers
Wonderful Objects Mystery Box + Magical Teasers


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