Here’s How to Take a Good Dinosaur Inspired Vacation

After seeing Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur (which is now available on Blu-Ray, Digital HD and DisneyMoviesAnywhere) you will be struck with a sudden urge, an itch to go out and explore America’s great outdoors. The landscapes, views and vistas that were oh-so-accurately represented in the film stunningly captures locales that were directly inspired by those found in the Western United States since The Good Dinosaur team didn’t do all their planning from their offices in Emeryville, they went on location. And you know what? You should go on location to. Here’s how to have your very own Good Dinosaur inspired adventure:

Take a Good Dinosaur Vacation

Set off for Wyoming

When The Good Dinosaur director Peter Sohn and his team were doing research for the lush locales for the film, one of the main spots they jetted off to for inspiration was Wyoming. In the tradition of the old Westerns, Sohn looked at classics like Shane, which was shot in the Teton Valley, Wyoming. In the Tetons, there are a couple of picturesque barns in an area know as Mormon Row, which the  filmmakers used this as the model for Arlo’s family homestead. The filmmakers also spent time in Yellowstone National Park and the stunningly colorful springs. Jackson Hole is a perfect home base for your explorations. Bonus: Harrison Ford lives on a 800-acre ranch in Jackson.

Where to Go: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Mormon Row

Where to Stay: The Rusty Parrot, The Rustic Inn, Fireside Resort

Dude Ranch

Go to a Dude Ranch

To correctly capture cowboy life and to gain inspiration for their wrangling scenes in the movie, the Good Dinosaur team – self described City Slickers –  spent time on a real working ranch in Oregon. While you probably wouldn’t vacation like a real cowboy (it’s a pretty brutal job), you can experience part of the life (greatly truncated for the modern family) with the perks of 300-thread-count sheets, beautifully crafted cuisine and even the occasional spa treatment.

Where to Go: Latago Ranch (Colorado), The Red Ranch (Jackson Hole, Wyoming), Mountain Sky (Montana)


Take a THE GOOD DINOSAUR vacation

Dig for Real Dinosaur Bones

Did you know that the Western North America is one of best places for dinosaur fossil finds and boasts the greats variety of dinos? Yup, it’s true. And get this, your family can go and try to find your own remnants of Triceratops,  Edmontosaurus and T. Rexs. You can also visit the Dinosaur National Monument (on the border between Colorado and Utah) and see a display of embedded dino bones.

Where to goThe Wyoming Dinosaur Center (Wyoming),  PaleoAdventures (South Dakota,  Baisch’s Dinosaur Digs (Montana)

How to have a Good Dinosaur inspired vacation!

Photo credit: Walt Disney Studios, Diana Robinson/Flickr, Ranch Seeker/Flickr

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