20 examples of delicious food at Shanghai Disneyland

20 Delicious Foods at Shanghai Disneyland

Special Wonder and Company guest post by my 10-year-old daughter (who is now BEGGING for her mommy to take her to Shanghai Disneyland ASAP).

Everyone knows Disney has gone to great lengths to make Shanghai Disneyland amazing and super magical. The big castle with a big high-end restaurant inside, a huge maze based on the Queen of Hearts’ hedge maze from Alice in Wonderland, and don’t forget the state-of-the-art Tron roller coaster, where you take twists and turns on a Light Cycle. But, best of all, there is the food. At Shanghai Disneyland you can purchase a variety of amazing things from Donald Duck waffles, to a white chocolate glass slipper filled with fruit in honor of Cinderella.

Go for the rides, stay for the food. Here are 20 things you can enjoy and savor at brand new Shanghai Disneyland!


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Ah. The age-old churro. Those never get old.

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WOW. That is Amazing, Cinderella would be proud of this white chocolate slipper with fruit!

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Mmmmmm. Those look like good ribs! From Barbossa’s Bounty in Treasure Cove.

A beautiful sour cherry pastry, Yum!

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Yay! Dumplings and chicken!

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Turkey legs. A Disney favorite.

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What an adorable Donald cupcake!

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That fried chicken looks yummy!

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A Mickey face pizza!

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The Cheesecake Factory makes an appearance in Shanghai, always good.

Fancy steak!

A nice simple shrimp salad.

A Cinderella pumpkin stew at the Royal Banquet Hall!

A photo posted by Kaley McCarthy (@kaley_mcc) on

That’s one pretty Mickey cookie!

A photo posted by Rachel Gouk (@rachel_gouk) on

These Mickey and Minnie steamed buns are so cute!

A photo posted by DisneyNews55 (@disneynews55) on

Delicious looking soup with a rice ball Mickey head!

A photo posted by Michael (@michaelplzl) on

The happiest Donald waffle on earth with a side of ice cream.

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A Mickey caramel apple, just like at our home park.

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Last but not least, these Mickey-Mouse-Mooncakes are just to die for!

20 of the delicious foods being served up at Shanghai Disneyland!

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