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Make this Dreamy DIY Disney BFG Nightlight!

The BFG has soared from the page, right onto the screen and then headed straight for our hearts. Disney’s take on a the Roald Dahl classic – about a very kindhearted Big Friendly Giant and a spirited young orphan named Sophie – is one of those instant classics. But that’s pretty much a given when you get Steven Spielberg behind the reins.


The film is lush, pure of heart and filled with amazing imagery that you crave to have exist beyond the film (well, besides the child eating giants that is, they can stay on the screen). One of the touches that we loved in both the book and the film were the jars of captured dreams that the BFG carefully collected, mixed and redistributed, especially when they are happy dreams such as Sophie’s and her “heart’s desire.”

In honor of Disney’s BFG, we’ve created a dream jar night light that isn’t just very easy to do, inexpensive to create but that, we hope, brings good dreams to whomever’s bed it resides by.

Items for BFG craft

You will need:

1 jar with a latch top
1 string of LED fairy lights (will need AA batteries)
Colored tissue paper (yellow is best)
Clear tape
A paper bag or thick piece of paper

Step 1:
Form the string of fairy lights into a ball-like wad.

tissueStep 2: Cover the ball of lights with tissue paper and secure with tape.

BFG Nightlight

Step 3: Carefully hang the ball of lights covered in tissue paper in the middle of the jar, secure lid to hold it in place.


Step 4: Write out the name of the dreamer and what they are dreaming. Cut out the name and dream and tape the label onto the jar.

BFG craft DIY

Step 5: Place by bedside and dream away!

DIY: Make this adorable BFG nightlight!

Photos: Sunny Chanel and Walt Disney Studios

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