Beauty and the Beast: 3 Things You’ll Notice About the Leaked Photos

To say that people are excited about the live action Beauty and the Beast would be a wee bit of an understatement. EVERY single time a tidbit of news about the upcoming Disney release (official or not) is unleashed upon the awaiting public, it instantly hits the top of Facebook’s trending feed, it’s shared like a gazillion times from your Disney obsessed BFF to Aunt Mildred, and odds are that you yourself get all tingly hearing, seeing and imagining what’s to come. One thing we all do is attempt to read into the image in an attempt to glean any clues about the production. Here’s what we noticed Wonder and Company noticed:

1 – Oops: Disney wasn’t ready for these images to be released. Yes, they like keeping us in suspense. SOMEHOW Stitch Kingdom got their hands on the stills and leaked them online. After the images went WAY viral, they removed the post on their site and social media. But as we all know, once you put something online, it’s there 4EVER. We’re not posting the image or links to the images here, but if you put in a search for “Beauty and the Beast stills”, you’ll see them.

2 – OMG: Hermione Granger is dancing with the Beast! While Emma Watson has put her Harry Potter role behind her, isn’t it SO HARD to not think of Hogwarts when seeing her in any role? But she’s a majorly talented gal and I’m sure once we see her walking, talking and embodying Belle, she will transform in front of our eyes from wizarding student to a “girl that’s strange but special. A most peculiar mademoiselle.”

3. – OG Belle: From looking at the images, you can see the filmmakers, so far, are really staying true to the original. The color of Belle’s dress, the hue of the Beast’s suit, Belle in the bookstore: it all looks like it could have been from the animated classic. If this is truly a taste of what’s to come, this film will be delicious (we can’t wait to be their guest).


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