Make This Alice Through the Looking Glass Inspired Pin!

Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass is many things but being a visual feast is on top of the list. The film is lush and gorgeous with an array of delicious treats to devour with your eyes. In honor of the modern meets antiqued aesthetic and the character (and visual cues) of Time (played by the one-and-only Sasha Baron Cohen), we’ve created this simple yet chic DIY pin craft that’s a cinch to make and even easier to wear. To assist you in making your own, we’ve included a video of the process above and easy to follow directions below. Thankfully, it won’t take much time (in an odd way you’ll be making time).

Check out our very stylish Alice Through the Looking Glass pin tutotial

What You’ll Need:

One Round Button
A thick patterned paper with stripes or dots
Thin paper such as a page of a book or word printed paper
Tim Holtz idea-ology clock faces (5 for $4.99)
Tim Holtz idea-ology game spinners (24 for $4.99)
Tim Holtz idea-ology sprockets (9 for $5.99)
Crafting punch in a round shape (or you can cut it out yourself)
Glue gun

(Note: with the sets from Tim Holtz idea-ology you can make several of these pins – the more the merrier.)

How to Create It:

1. Cut out a round shape out of the book paper (smaller than the button you’ve selected.)
2. Take the button/pin and cover in glue.
3. Put a decorative paper over it, pushing edges to back and smooth it out.
4. Adhere the book paper to the middle of the button.
5. Select a clock face and add on the spinners to act as hands.
6. Glue on sprockets in various places around the clock face.
7. Put it on your lapel!

Now time will always be on your side (or at least on your clothes). Plus, it’s a perfect accessory for going to see Alice Through the Looking Glass  – in theaters everywhere.

DIY - Create Your Own Time Pin in Honor of Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass

Photo credits: Sunny Chanel


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