About Wonder and Company

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.”
Walt Disney

Walt Disney’s quote above graces the plaques that hang over the entrances to Disneyland and Walt Disney World and speak to our dream at Wonder and Company. We invite you into a world designed to foster imagination and inspire adventure.

We welcome you to Wonder and Company: Merchants of Adventure and Whimsy.

A family lifestyle, travel, and imagination destination for the explorers out there. For the dreamers and builders.

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Although our project is not solely about Disney, much of our inspiration blooms from the magic of Disney Parks and the Walt Disney Company. Our logo is an homage to the windows on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland:

Welcome to Wonder and Company: Merchants of Adventure and Whimsy

Much as those windows are hat tips to the talents of the Disney legends that shared their work with the company for so many years, our tagline is a nod to the spirit we hope to share with you and your family: the spirit of adventure and whimsy.

What’s wrong with a little suspension of disbelief every now and then? Immersing yourself in a world of wonder emboldens creative dreams and offers a brief respite from the pressures of our everyday lives. We are here to spark a little touch of magic in your every day through stories of travel, creativity, exploring, enchantments at home, and beyond.

Wonder delights.
Wonder inspires.
Wonder abounds.

We are Wonder and Company and we are delighted to have you.

The imaginations behind the adventure:


Megan Jordan : Editor-in-Chief. Cofounder of Wonder and Company, Megan Jordan is a writer, editor, and consultant with an engrossing love of family travel, theme parks, and adventure. Striking a balance and perspective that make her a sought-after voice, the mother of three updates her personal blog, Velveteen Mind, at a Southern pace (read: leisurely) and is always looking for a theme park to visit. Seriously, do you have one? She wants to come visit. Megan is regularly featured in national publications including the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Redbook, Southern Living, MSNBC, as well as national TV.
Come down and explore the bayou with her at her home in Gulfport, Mississippi.
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Sunny Chanel
 : Editorial Director. Sunny is a full time content provider/blogger/writer/word stringer. She regularly contributes to Disney’s Babble.com, Mom.me, Fandango’s Family Room, Café Mom’s The Stir, Hispana Global, and is the West Coast editor for Mommy Nearest. She also provides content to Disney Imagicademy. Every now and then she updates her personal blog SunnyChanel.com. Beyond all the writing, her best gig is hanging out with her husband and 8-year-old daughter, exploring the always fun and fascinating streets of San Francisco.
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Wonderful Objects: Unbox a Story WonderfulObjects.co

Unbox a Story


Wonderful Objects is Wonder and Company’s quarterly subscription mystery box.
Designed to ignite your imagination with magical teasers and luxury objects connected through whimsical story elements, Wonderful Objects is unlike any subscription box you’ve seen.

Cofounder & Business Development Director:  Megan Jordan
Cofounder & Buyer:  Sunny Chanel
Cofounder & Buyer:  Sara Sophia



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Our logo is the design work of Ashley Evans Mattocks of Ashley Mattocks Design. She worked closely with our team to create just the right balance of professional elegance and childlike whimsy, all in a nod to 1890’s window sign-painting. We can’t recommend her enough for her talent, patience, creativity, and professionalism.

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Wonderful Objects Mystery Box + Magical Teasers
Wonderful Objects Mystery Box + Magical Teasers

Wonder and Company is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, or other properties featured. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Although we occasionally partner with other creative properties, all opinions are our own. Have questions? Contact us.

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